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Shipping and Return Policy

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We ship via UPS Ground, 3-4 day delivery. We are currently experiencing a high demand for bat houses. Please allow for a 2-week lead time when ordering painted bat houses. Thank you!

Besides shipping to the continental USA, we also ship to Alaska and Canada. However, Alaskan and Canadian buyers should expect to pay two to three times as much as the cost for shipping within the continental USA. We charge no handling fee. We will simply invoice you for the price of the item(s) plus the lowest shipping rate that we can find based on your address.

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Returns: We deliver what we promise and because of this returns are extremely rare. Nevertheless, if you are not happy you can return your product for a full refund. We will honor this agreement for up to one year from the time you place your order. In some cases, you can save on shipping by simply emailing us a picture of the product showing us what is wrong. It is then your option whether you want a refund or a new product.