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About Pikes Peak Market

About five years ago, David Esker's wife, Yulia, could not find a reasonably priced squirrel feeder that could keep the seeds dry. David made one for her, of course, and then made a few more and sold them online. Yulia put together the website and Pikes Peak Market was born. A year later, David designed a triple chamber bat house superior to any on the market. Bats like their homes to dark, dry, and free of drafts. Yet, the boards of most bat houses simply butt against each other; it is doubtful that these bat houses are light- and draft- free. David solved this problem with tongue and groove construction, making several other improvements to ensure his bat house was the best. David took pride in "making things right so that they work well and they last a long time."

My wife and I took over Pikes Peak Market in 2015 and continue the tradition of superior product design, craftsmanship, and customer service. I welcome inquiries and enjoy photos from satisfied customers. Business is growing as more people discover for themselves the mysteries and benefits of bats. My current lead time on all orders is 2 weeks, but I assure you I'm not sacrificing quality.

Thank you for our continuing success!

Louis Reiff

(970) 305-6430

Pikes Peak Market Unfinished Triple Chamber Bat House Pikes Peak Market Brown Triple Chamber Bat House Pikes Peak Market Black Triple Chamber Bat House

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