Nature-Friendly Woodcrafts Handmade in Colorado

BCI Certified Bat Houses: Don't let flying insect pests spoil your backyard fun! Fight back with bats! Our Triple Chamber BCI-Cerified Bat Houses can hold hundreds of bats. Every night, each of your bats will eat more than a third of its weight in flying bugs. Best of all, once bats take up residence in your bat house, your natural pest control system is practically maintenance-free.

Squirrel Jar Feeders: Enjoy watching the playful behavior of these intelligent furry tree huggers. Before long, you'll be naming your new furry friends.

Squirrel SafeHouse / Nesting Box: Squirrels need homes too! Where do your pet squirrels sleep on the coldest stormy nights? Put your mind at ease by providing a defensible squirrel house for your backyard friends. Hung high up in a tree, the Nuthouse Squirrel House makes a great home and nesting box for your squirrels.

At Pikes Peak Market we strongly believe in old fashion values of hard work, pride in workmanship, and treating people right. All of our products are made in our woodshop, just west of Pikes Peak in the beautiful State of Colorado.

Handcrafted in Colorado

Louis Reiff

Pikes Peak Market

Florissant, Colorado

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